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3 Reasons to Drink Ugly Now!

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Nowadays, there are plenty of companies that are releasing their own line of beverages, ranging from sodas to nitro coffees to sparkling water drinks. But out of the many businesses that introduced their products to the U.S. market this 2018, Ugly Drinks by Ugly Brands, Inc. deserves some recognition.

Ugly Drinks is a line of flavored sparkling water beverages that was first launched in the U.K. a few years back – and is now only starting to shake up the sparkling water category of the United States. But why should a consumer like you choose to drink this beverage over other sparkling water brands? To help convince you a little bit further, here are 3 reasons to drink Ugly today.

1. No Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners

When we were young, our parents used to warn us about how drinking sodas is harmful to our health due to its high sugar content. But despite their warnings, some of us couldn’t help but drink it every chance we get because it’s just so delicious and it’s hard to find a flavorful substitute for it.

But what if I told you that a sparkling water beverage such as Ugly contains zero sugar and artificial sweeteners but is more than capable of delighting your taste buds the same way that your favorite soda can? Yes, Ugly does exactly that, which is impressive for a sparkling water beverage that is naturally flavored. This reason alone makes this product worth drinking because it allows you to enjoy good-tasting liquid on a regular basis without having to worry about your health.

2. Branding & Packaging

How often do you come across a drink that sports a negative-sounding brand? If your answer is not that much, then that’s an understatement, because most brands generally go for a positive name that looks appealing to consumers. But with Ugly, it’s very different. Their playful take on a word with a negative connotation means that Ugly is not afraid to take a different approach to compete with other brands. That says a lot about the minds behind this rapidly rising beverage.

In addition to its unique branding, the packaging of Ugly is also worth noticing, as it features a white logo that resembles a graffiti and a bright blue backdrop, both of which can be considered as qualities that make it stand out from the rest. Packaging is crucial for a brand like Ugly because package design has long been known to attract consumers of all ages. With its one-of-a-kind combination of unlikely branding and eye-catching packaging, Ugly is definitely going to catch the attention of shoppers on shops and stores.

3. Zero Calories

The recent trend among health-conscious consumers is to buy food and drink products that contain as little calories as possible. Basically, it’s the fewer, the better for them. And if a product has zero calories but also tastes good enough, then it’s considered as something that is very excellent.

To the delight of everyone, Ugly is currently offering three different flavors that contain zero calories, enabling consumers to enjoy drinking a good-tasting beverage without having to worry about calculating their intake of calories. For a drink that doesn’t have any trace of sugar, sweeteners, artificial ingredients, and calories, it surely is impressive how Ugly manages to be pretty tasty like it currently is.

Now that you’re done reading, do you want to try out this beverage for yourself? You can do so by ordering from us, because we are an Ugly distributor.