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2 Reasons Why Craft Beers Are Better Than Macro Brews

What type of beverage do you usually see during special occasions like family gatherings, birthday celebrations, and sporting events? If you are a normal human being with a thriving social life, then your answer is either water or beer.

Yes, beer.

Beer is the third most consumed beverage after tea and water in the entire world, and its incredibly rich history in the United States dates way back to 1587, when non-native people were first recorded brewing some sort of fermented drink. Beer also holds the prestigious recognition of being one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the entire world.

Because the alcoholic beverage has been around since the 1500s, drinking beer has been a part of the American culture for centuries. And as time goes by more bottles, cans, and kegs of beer are being consumed daily by the American people, whether it’s at major sporting events, family gatherings, outdoor BBQs, birthday celebrations, or in the living room while watching television.

With the ever-growing popularity of beer, it’s only normal for some individuals to try and be innovative with the beverage. That’s why during the late 1970s the brewing landscape of America started to change when the craft beer movement started to pick up steam because of the consolidation and closing of a great number of regional breweries throughout the country. Out of the creativity and innovation of some homebrewers who felt they needed to do something, a grassroots homebrewing culture emerged that paved way to the craft brewing industry we know today.

Enough with the history of beer and craft brews. It’s now time to find out the 2 reasons why craft beer is better than macro brews or mainstream beer.

1. The Ingredients Are of Better Quality

Water, yeast, grains, and hops – these are the four ingredients commonly found in both macro brews and craft beers, but the difference is that with craft beer there’s a better chance that the local brewery responsible for its production used fresher, higher quality, and oftentimes even organic ingredients.

If you’re wondering why that’s the case, it’s because local brewers release beers by small batches only, giving them more time to tweak the ingredients according to their liking or the local community’s requests. While with large breweries that produce over 6 million barrels per year, they don’t have the same kind of luxury and freedom that local brewers have because their ingredients are set and fixed for the entire manufacturing process that’s required to meet the demands of a massive market.

Also, additives that are potentially harmful to the health such as caramel, coloring, corn syrup, and propylene glycol alginate are possibly present on mainstream brews, according to food blogger Vani Hari. Those type of ingredients are deemed unnecessary and harmful by microbreweries, which is why they do their best to not include those in the batches they produce.

2. The Selection of Craft Beers in America Are Bountiful

Quick fact: The majority of the Americans now live within 10 miles of a craft brewery, according to the Brewers Association.

Do you know what that means? It means that there are more variants, styles, and flavors of craft beer for everybody!

It’s so amazing because each craft brew produced by a single microbrewery uses their own set of ingredients in varying quantities, giving each product of a specific brewery its own unique flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. Some breweries also try to be creative by adding organic ingredients to twist up the flavor and texture.

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Quality Beats Quantity

Of course mainstream brews are incredible in their own right, but specialty brews bring something special and different to an industry that has largely been dominated by massive breweries and companies which mass-produce the same-tasting products all of the time. Each batch of craft brew undergoes a production process that the microbrewery meticulously adjusts and oversees, which is why they are more likely to have a better quality than the average macro brew. Quality beats quantity, after all.

Instead of serving mainstream beer to your buddies during a gathering, why not give them a specialty brew so they can experience a different variant of everyone’s favorite alcoholic beverage. And now that you’re aware why craft beers are better than mainstream brews, it’s time for you to head to a local brewery and buy a bottle, a can, a keg or a 6-pack of specialty brews and enjoy their brilliance for a common acceptable reason or your drunkenly pleasure. Or you can just purchase from our new york city craft beer distributor for your comfort and convenience. With each sip of a cold, fine craft brew, you’ll experience a special kind of beer drinking experience that you will never find on macro brews.