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Zaro’s: The Award-Winning Drinking Water from Greece

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Currently, there are over thousands of bottled drinking water brands all over the world, with each of them having varying tastes, aromas, qualities, and mineral contents. With that many bottled drinking water brands currently existing, how can you determine which one is the best among the rest?

Well, you can visit every country and try out all of their bottled drinking water brands – or you can do an extensive internet research and find out which particular brands have won taste awards in the past. If you’re the wise and practical type, then the latter option is most likely what you’re going to do. And if ever you’re actually going to research about award-winning bottled water brands, Zaro’s will be among those that will pop up in your search results.

Zaro’s is a premium natural mineral water brand from Greece that is bottled at the source. The brand offers two types of drinking water products, namely Zaro’s Natural Mineral Water and Zaro’s Sparkling Mineral Water, both of which contain a set of minerals that give the brand’s drinking water an award-winning taste and a smooth mouthfeel.

Sourced from the Zaros Amati Spring on the island of Crete, Zaro’s drinking water gets its exceptional qualities and stability from the spring itself. The ZAROS S.A. factory is located close to the source and features a third generation piping attached to the Amati spring, in which the water naturally flows through it and undergoes a number of advanced processes for enhanced quality and taste.

Zaro’s primary mineral contents are calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate, but it also features a number of other minerals that help give the drinking water its incredible properties. Because of the drinking water’s unique source and the meticulous process that it undergoes in the factory, Zaro’s has become one of the most highly regarded bottled drinking water brands in the world.

For three years straight, from 2015 to 2017, Zaro’s bagged a number of prestigious taste awards that helped cement its status in the world’s bottled water category. The brand’s most notable win was in 2017 at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, where it managed to win the Gold Medal over more than a hundred leading bottlers from all over the world. Based on the awarding body’s guidelines, Zaro’s excelled in the aspects of taste, aroma, mouthfeel, appearance, and aftertaste.

Zaro’s bottled water products are stored in either PET plastic or glass, both of which come in a range of sizes and styles, including elegant designs that are great for fine dining. Due to the fact that this beverage brand had proven itself in the international stage, it has become one of the most sought-after bottled water brands from all around the world, and it will absolutely be a great addition to homes or businesses.

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