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Juice Drinks: The Unparalleled Blend of Healthiness and Deliciousness

Out of all the beverage categories, which one do you think boasts the best combination of flavor and functionality?

Is it tea? One can make a solid case about the nice health benefits that tea offers, but most of the tea products in the market struggle to provide a delightful sensation to the taste buds of consumers.

Pilot Kombucha Distributor

Pilot Kombucha Is Loaded with a Range of Amazing Health Benefits

Kombucha is a kind of fermented tea that has been around for thousands of years. Although the exact origins of kombucha as a beverage cannot exactly be determined by both historians and kombucha lovers, it’s widely believed that the drink originated in Manchuria, a huge region in East Asia that is divided today between the Russian Far East and Northeast China.

Snapple Distributor

Snapple: Keeping It Natural Since the 70s

Did you know that about 85% of all tea consumed in the United States is iced tea? Yes, that is absolutely true. While the tea culture of other countries are mostly traditional, particularly those located in Asia, the American people prefer to drink tea that is cold. In fact, in the United States, iced tea is extremely popular as an alternative to carbonated soft drinks since the beverage is delectable, refreshing and proven to be health beneficial.

Dellos Juice Distributor

South Korea’s Juice Brand Is Here to Delight You

South Korea is a country known for its vibrant culture, infectious entertainment industry, quirky products, innovative companies, and booming economy. It is the same nation that brought us the weird yet catchy song Gangnam Style back in 2012, a song which currently boasts over 3 billion views in YouTube.

Mansi Distributor

Mansi: The Philippine Lemonade

Calamansi juice, also known as the Filipino version of lemonade, is a versatile and delicious beverage that can be enjoyed in different ways and mixed with other ingredients to amplify its effects and flavor. The taste of Mansi juice can be best described as a slightly sweeter lime or something like a sour orange, with a nice citrusy fragrance.

Planet Fuel Distributor

Why Planet Fuel Can Do You More Good Than You Know

How often have you walked into a store wanting to buy something healthy to quench your thirst and walked out feeling guilty of settling for something not-so-healthy- only because you didn’t have a choice? Quite often, all the time? I know that feeling. They simply don’t make juices like they used to before.

Mash Distributor

Mash Combines The Best Things About Soda, Juice & Water

The folks at Mash Company, known for their line of sodas and mixers, struck gold when they introduced their most exciting line of drink- Mash. Mash is a low calorie water drink that’s difficult to typecast as a certain type. It’s got a character of its own and is unlike any other line of beverages in the market. It’s not a soda, it’s not water, and it’s not juice either. Well, not entirely! Instead it’s a mash of the best parts of all three. What you get at the end of every sip is a big bright smile. It’s that good!

Gatorade Distributor

Gatorade-The Fuel for Champions

If you’ve visited the Gatorade website, then you might have read the story of how Gatorade was made. Dubbed as the drink that was “born in the lab”, the beverage was created for a specific purpose-to help athletes achieve their potential.