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4 of the Most Consumed Drinks in the World

When it comes to beverages, what do you think are the most consumed ones throughout the entire world? If you guessed water, then you are a hundred percent correct, as it is the number one source of refreshment of people from all walks of life. But apart from water, what are the widely consumed beverages around the world? To keep you from guessing, here is a list of 4 of the most consumed drinks in the planet.

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4 Major Reasons Why Sodas Are a Staple in Our Society

According to an article published in World Atlas, as of 2017, the United States of America ranked second in the list of countries with high levels of soda consumption. This is not surprising at all, mostly because soft drinks are flavorful and refreshing beverages that suit almost any type of happening. Whether we are eating a casual meal, having an elegant dinner, sitting in front of the couch, celebrating an occasion with friends, playing computer games, or doing anything else – sodas fit perfectly well.

But what exactly are the reasons why sodas are such a big deal to us Americans? Let’s talk about each of them in here. Once you’re done reading this short yet detailed article, then perhaps you would like to order popular or new soft drink brands from a soda distributor like us.

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4 Reasons Why Pepsi Is Better Than Other Soda Brands

Pepsi is one of the leading soft drink brands in the world that is often considered as better than its rivals, but we’ll delve deeper into that later. For now, let’s quickly talk about the brand’s history, from its humble beginnings to its current state as a powerful soda giant.

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Bubly – PepsiCo’s Newest Sparkling Water Product

Back in February 2018, PepsiCo unveiled their newest product – Bubly – that has recently been makingnoise in the beverage industry’s sparkling water category. The world’s recent craze in sparkling water is totally understandable because people have long been searching for the perfect alternative to delicious yet unhealthy beverage products.Don’t get me wrong, soft drinks are very amazing in their own right, but too much consumption of sweet carbonated beverages can often lead to long-term health complications as they usually contain a lot of sugar, phosphoric acid, high fructose corn syrup, and so much more. Although Bubly is considered as a carbonated beverage, its contents and ingredients make it much safer for regular consumption than soft drinks.

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Here’s Why You’re Consuming Fewer Calories with Coke

Sweet tooth? How about sweet teeth? After all, there’s definitely more than one!

I confess! I had more than a thing for sweets and used to feel a tad bit incomplete without it. Fortunately, those days are gone. There’s so much said and heard about sugar that you just can’t play ignorant to its detrimental consequences anymore.

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Sometimes, a Small Bottle of Boylans Is All You Need

It’s quarter past seven on a Tuesday evening. Work is busy as usual. It’s peak season and as luck would have it, it turns out that our main server is down. With everyone doing their bit to gain control of the situation, there’s a lot happening in the room: we’re are at our desks, answering mails and sending out last minute communications just as our managers are desperately trying to book a room for yet another meeting.

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How I Replaced Sugary Soft Drinks with Spindrift

Sugary soft drinks may be refreshing and delicious, but too much of them can often lead to health complications. I had been a soft drinks lover for almost my entire life, and I only kicked the habit of drinking it when I realized how unhealthy it was. Technically, Spindrift is somewhat similar to Coke, Sprite, and other soft drinks because they are all carbonated beverages. But the difference is that Spindrift is a sparkling water drink made using real, natural ingredients, while popular soft drink products are usually produced using tons of sugar, acid, colors, and preservatives that are harmful to the body. Generally speaking, sparkling water is the best alternative to sugary soft drinks, but not all sparkling water brands are made with real squeezed fruit and other natural ingredients.