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Bottled Water

Drinking Bottled Water for Everyone to Enjoy!

Water is without a doubt the number one refreshment option of people throughout the entire world. Most of the time, whenever someone becomes thirsty or feels exhausted, the very first beverage they come looking for is cold water, not sugary sodas or juice drinks. Our company, Imperial India, decided to become a water distributor because we wanted to serve the refreshment needs of our clients in New York and Connecticut and provide them with whichever brand of bottled water they would like.

Evian Distributor

Evian: Pureness in a Bottle

Have you ever wondered what water from the heart of the French Alps tastes like? Perhaps it’s snowy, pure, or clean? Well, you don’t have to visit Europe just to find out, because French multinational corporation Danone has been kind enough to make available to us consumers a luxury bottled mineral water brand called Evian, which is sourced from a unique geological site in Évian-les-Bains, close to the southern shore of Lake Geneva.

CORE Water Distributor

CORE Water: Rehydrating to the Core!

Over the years, the bottled water industry is continuously being shaken up by the emergence of numerous high-end bottled water brands that offer ‘functional’ water products. In fact, about 1/10 of the bottled water industry is made up of functional water companies.

Hals Seltzer Distributor

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Hal’s New York Seltzer

In the recent years, seltzer water products have been shaking up the world’s carbonated beverage category. As more people are starting to become aware of the horrors that come with regular sugary soda consumption, consumers have started to look for other alternatives that are much healthier, safer and equally delicious as the leading soft drink brands.

Vintage Seltzer Distributor

This Sodium-Free Beverage from Vintage Packs a Fruity Goodness

The beverage market is currently teeming with carbonated soft drinks that are admittedly delicious and refreshing, but the fact that they often contain potentially harmful ingredients, like sugar and sodium, will make the average consumer think twice before buying one. It’s a good thing, though, that many drink manufacturers have started to introduce their own line of carbonated beverages called seltzer water that are arguably much healthier than the average soft drink.

Agua de Piedra Distributor

Agua de Piedra: The Fine Dining Water from Mexico

The global fine dining scene has steadily been growing as the years go by. Its vigorous growth can be attributed to how interesting it can be for everyone participating, mostly because in fine dining there are many ways you can enjoy everything that it has to offer.

Saratoga Spring Water Distributor

Saratoga Bottled Water: The Taste of Real Spring Water

With summer around the corner, many people are crawling out of their homes and venturing outside more often. Fortunately, they’re also turning down pitchers of beer and unhealthy drinks for healthier options such as water. If you haven’t already, then it’s about time you do. To begin with, try and consume up to 9 glasses of water every day. You’ll be surprised by the world of positive difference it can do to your health. This article details how water, in particular how Saratoga Spring water, is the best drink to carry with you this summer.

Glaceau Smartwater Distributor

Here’s All You Wanted to Know about Smartwater

There’s a lot said and heard about Smartwater, so much so that it’s captured the US market like nothing else in its line. Everyone wants a sip of this water and no one’s complaining about paying a tad bit more for it.

LaCroix Distributor

A Tale of Lovely Valleys, Scenic Mountains, and LaCroix

Nearly a year ago, I decided to go on a road trip. I love travelling. Travelling to me is more than just visiting distant places and ticking them off my bucket list. It’s about discovering new places, meeting new people, and through it all, understanding just how the world works together. It’s that time when I realize amazing new things- about the world and about myself too. At times, this translates to flying across an ocean and exploring a new country. Other times, like that of last year, it’s as simple as driving across the United States while following a road map.