Strategic Opportunities by Imperial India

Imperial India partners with innovative brands that have developed truly unique products leading consumer taste and disrupting their respective category

Brand Partnership

Our approach to partnering is simple. Stay focused on your brand and product innovation, leave everything else to us. We don’t burden our brand partners with onerous contracts, production control, equity participation or any of these antiquated distributor tactics that are meant to hand-cuff and ultimately impede your ability to grow. We don’t offer a product catalog to our clients which means you’ll never end up at the bottom of it. Working with Imperial India means controlling your destiny and protecting your hard work.

Imperial India is a brand facilitator first, distributor second. Your success is our success so a partnership means sharing market intelligence, exploring unorthodox sales channels, cross promoting, alliance building and devising other creative strategies to foster high-octane growth.


By trade, Imperial India offers fulfillment and distribution services to brands. Our typical brand partner has no interest in further self-distribution and would prefer to offload this headache to us. Another scenario might be non-local brands that are seeking “last-mile” distribution into New York City. We are highly flexible and ultimately here to get your product to the client account.


In special situations, Imperial India can provide for creative capital solutions to exemplary brands, suppliers or other distributors:

  • To support growth initiatives, product launch or brand expansion
  • To support working capital to facilitate production or manage receivables
  • To stay afloat during liquidity trough or one-time, temporal need
  • To pursue strategic, transformative transactions including acquisitions

We are open to ideas and are highly commercial if it results in a successful partnership.

The team at Imperial India is sincere and genuine, we’re very excited about our partnership with them.

— Cesar Villarreal, Head of Sales East

Imperial India is super easy to work with. They are highly supportive and reliable.

— Alex, Founder of Pilot Kombucha

The folks at Imperial India are constructive and highly professional in their approach. They are vested in the success of our brand.

— Abhijit & Fariq, Co-founders of Eliya Eliya Distributor

Imperial India believes in our product and our cause. They take their work seriously and are persistent in their pursuit.

— Jack, Director of Sales, Boxed Water