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Honest Tea


Honest tea is sourced from only the finest tea leaves and organic ingredients from around the globe. It is free from unauthorized pesticides. It is gluten-free, OU-Kosher certified, and non-GMO. It is less sweet, but still flavorful beverage. Imperial India is your Honest Tea distributor.

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Imperial India provides same-day beverage and beer delivery service to residential and commercial clients in New York City, Westchester and Fairfield Counties. We offer over 1,000 brands including craft, macro, domestic and international varieties. Our trust in our products and service allows us to offer you a guarantee on every purchase you make with us.

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Honest Tea Wholesaler- The Perfect Companion when In Solitude

To Begin With, Solitude Is Not Such a Bad Thing
It’s great to have people around. You feel loved and included. And as social animals, you are meant to be social and spend time with people. After all, much of life’s precious moments stem from companionship.

That said, too much ‘social time’ (and there is such a thing) might not be that great either. All the activity and interaction can sometimes create a vacuum in your life. All that noise can, ironically, leave you feeling rather alone. A little solitude and isolation (whether volunteered or made compulsory) can help balance things out.

A Little Solitude Can Actually Be Good For You
As we are being told to stay at home and practice social distancing during the coronavirus lockdown, we are becoming increasingly aware of the situation in front of us. Trough COVID-19 disease, we are amidst of a pandemic. Aside from being worried about your health and the health of society (in particular the most vulnerable), the growing situation is taking a toll on our collective mental health. And while all that you might want right now is to be physically around loved ones, sadly, it is the last thing you need to do. One main way to fight the virus and overcome this situation-together- is to practice social distancing- something that might seem extremely difficult and even unnatural for many.

It’s Helped Me Discover A Little More of Myself
When you’re with yourself, you end up living and making choices without other’s influences. You begin asking yourself some basic questions- like what you like, how you want to live, what you’d like to do for society, and how you’d want to see yourself a few years down the line. As you find answers, you gain better perspective of who you are as a person. All this is making me live more authentically. That feeling is liberating to say the least.

You see, solitude during the current lockdown is doing a few things for me. It’s helping me with my anxiety (and that’s work-in-progress). It’s helped me improve my relationships. Although distanced, I’ve started connecting with people outside my immediate circle. I’ve tapped into some hidden talents and find myself more creative and productive. It’s helped me dive deep inside. I now enjoy my quiet time and utilize it to learn something new about myself, my role in his world, and the journey ahead.

Honest Tea Delivery Service, in its Own Way, is helping me in this Journey
One thing that always accompanies me during my time with myself is a cuppa Honest Tea. With a wide range of great-tasting flavors to try, the drink is subtle and relaxing. From herbal and cold-brewed to freshly brewed blends, Honest tea Wholesaler has been my go-to companion of late.

Remember, We Are All In This Together, At the Forefront
At this time of need, let’s all try and do our bit for each other, for society. Whether it is calling someone to say you are there or checking on your neighbours before you head out for some essentials, we now have an opportunity to come together as a race.

Let’s be of Service, from a Distance.