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Vitamin Water


Vitamin Water is a flavored water enriched with vitamins and minerals. It hydrates and enhances the water drinking experience with the benefit of electrolytes. Vitamin Water is enjoyed everywhere from office kitchens to sports stadiums. Imperial India is your Vitamin Water distributor.

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Imperial India provides same-day beverage and beer delivery service to residential and commercial clients in New York City, Westchester and Fairfield Counties. We offer over 1,000 brands including craft, macro, domestic and international varieties. Our trust in our products and service allows us to offer you a guarantee on every purchase you make with us.

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Vitamin Water Distributor- Helping You Stay Vitalised and Hydrated, Every Day, All Through the Year
Staying hydrated is little more complicated than just drinking water, especially when the weather is warming up and your body is being stripped of its vitamins through sweat. Drinking sufficient water impacts your body’s overall wellness in more ways than you know. 

Turns out it is extremely important for you to drink more water. So take a seat, grab a glass of water, and read up on how water can impact the life you lead.

Water Helps With Lubrication
Drinking water helps lubricate your joints, spinal cord and tissues. The lubrication forms a protective layer on them, a layer of cushioning so to speak. This, in turn, helps you exercise and carry out physical activities without discomfort or risk to injury. What’s more, staying hydrated can also help release any discomfort from arthritis.

Water Reduces Toxins
Your body undergoes a lot of stress during the course of your lifetime. There’s constant accumulation of toxins and this needs to be flushed out through sweat, urine, and bowel movements.  Staying hydrated helps your body flush out some of those unwanted toxins.

Water Can Help Uplift Your Mood
When you fail to drink sufficient water, your body is forced to use up its fluid reserves to get you through the day. Over a course of time, this can leave you feeling stressed, anxious, confused, and irritated. A recent study found that simply drinking sufficient water can help avoid this state. What’s more, it can also help reverse it. Generally speaking, people who hydrate regularly enjoy better sleep and moods than those who don’t.

Water Helps You Lose Weight
In addition to maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, drinking sufficient water (up to 9 glasses a day) can help you lose weight. And as you achieve your ideal weight, you’ll feel fitter and healthier than before.

Vitamin Water- Water That Ignites Your Taste Buds and Lets You Live A Little More
Turns out Vitamin Water is not just any water. Its water enriched with vitamins, electrolytes and minerals. The brand offers a little extra life by the bottles. Available in a range of products- vitamin water and vitamin water zero, to name a few, the drink comes in fruity flavors to keep you feeling vitalized and fit.

Vitamin Water Delivery Service to Your Rescue

So what are you waiting for? Grab your fountain (or should we say bottle) of life. Contact Vitamin Water Wholesaler to stock up on this life-enriching drink!