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Dobbs FerryBeverage & Beer Delivery

Imperial India provides same-day beverage and beer delivery service to residential and commercial clients in New York City, Westchester and Fairfield Counties. We offer over 1,000 brands including craft, macro, domestic and international varieties. Our trust in our products and service allows us to offer you a guarantee on every purchase you make with us.

New York City, Westchester, Fairfield Counties next deliveries on Jun, Thu 4th

We serve all of Dobbs Ferry and the surrounding areas, from Ashford Avenue in the north to Dassern Drive in the south, and from Southfield Avenue in the east to Waterfront Park in the west. Offering over 1,000 brands, Imperial India is your Dobbs Ferry Beverage Distributor.

Chauncey, South Town Avenue, Pallisade Avenue, Clinton Avenue, Bellair Drive, Ogden Avenue Beacon Hill Drive, and many more.

Nestled in the town of Greenburgh, Dobbs Ferry is a picturesque village that has a diverse housing and bustling downtown area. Occupying over 3.2 square miles, Dobbs Ferry is home to around 11,093 people as of 2016, and often ranks as one of the town’s best villages. The diverse housing in Dobbs Ferry ranges from expensive estates and spacious condominiums to lovely two-family homes, making it an appealing place to live in. Aside from that, this friendly village also has a small business district that is home to a variety of amazing restaurants, boutiques, and shops. Lastly, Dobbs Ferry has excellent schools that produce quality results.

Oscar Richardson, storeowner in Dobbs Ferry

We’ve been using Imperial India as our beer and beverage wholesale distributor for the past few years. My store is always fully stocked thanks to them.

Imperial India

We are a proud beer and beverage distributor to many business owners in Dobbs Ferry. We would love to provide our service to you too.