Fairfield County, Connecticut Beer & Beverage Distributor

Imperial India is the go to beverage and beer supplier for thousands of commercial clients

Thanks to Imperial India, my grocery store’s beverage inventory never runs low. Excellent products and customer service!

— Gretchen Plumlee, storeowner in Fairfield County

Providing quality customer service and tailored solutions to our clients in Fairfield County has always been a pleasure. Give us a call so we can be your beverage distributor as well.

— Elizabeth & Chris, from the Imperial India Team

Our Clients​

Imperial India is the beer, beverage and spirits distributor to thousands of commercial clients. We are uniquely positioned specializing in vendor consolidation services to commercial clients seeking to work with a single distributor to curate and supply their entire beverage program. For decades, we have been the choice distributor for clients seeking white-glove, concierge style service.

Brand Partnership​

Imperial India is a brand facilitator first, distributor second. Your success is our success so a partnership means sharing market intelligence, exploring unorthodox sales channels, cross promoting, alliance building and devising other creative tactics to foster high-octane growth as strategic partners.

OUR Fairfield County SERVICE AREA

We serve all of Fairfield County and the surrounding areas, from Murray in the north to Southport in the south, and from Melville Village in the east to Greenfield Hill in the west. Looking for a nearby location? We serve some neighboring communities too.

Fairfield County

Nestled in the southwesternmost part of Connecticut, Fairfield County is a county that holds many of the state’s biggest cities. Occupying a total area of 837 square miles, composed of 625 square miles of land and 212 square miles of bodies of water, Fairfield County is home to an estimated population of about 944,177 people who have varying income levels. One of the most notable things about this county is that some of its cities house a number of large corporations’ headquarters, which significantly contribute to the state’s economic growth. Aside from that, plenty of thriving local businesses can be found on most of the county’s communities.