Sleepy Hollow, New York Beer & Beverage Distributor

Imperial India is the go to beverage and beer supplier for thousands of commercial clients

From accepting custom orders to offering fast services, Imperial India has everything that business owners look for in a distributor. These folks are also easy to work with.

— Benjamin Robertson, business owner in Sleepy Hollow

A great deal of stores and businesses use our company as their exclusive supplier of beers and beverages. Give us a call so we can supply your needs as well.

— Elizabeth & Chris, from the Imperial India Team

Our Clients​

Imperial India is the beer, beverage and spirits distributor to thousands of commercial clients. We are uniquely positioned specializing in vendor consolidation services to commercial clients seeking to work with a single distributor to curate and supply their entire beverage program. For decades, we have been the choice distributor for clients seeking white-glove, concierge style service.

Brand Partnership​

Imperial India is a brand facilitator first, distributor second. Your success is our success so a partnership means sharing market intelligence, exploring unorthodox sales channels, cross promoting, alliance building and devising other creative tactics to foster high-octane growth as strategic partners.


We serve all of Sleepy Hollow and the surrounding areas, from Sleepy Hollow Manor in the north to Beekman Avenue in the south, and from Sleepy Hollow Road in the east to Philipse Manor in the west. Looking for a nearby location? We serve some neighboring communities too.


Sleepy Hallow Manor, Philipse Manor, Village Center, Hemlock Drive, Evergreen Way, Pokahoe Drive, Lakeview Avenue, and many more.

Sleepy Hollow, New York

Sleepy Hollow, formerly known as North Tarrytown, is a safe and quiet riverside village situated in New York’s Westchester County. As of the 2010 census, Sleepy Hollow had a population of about 9,870 people. When it comes to its total area, Sleepy Hollow occupies 5.1 square miles, composed of 2.8 square miles of water and 2.3 square miles of land. Sleepy Hollow has good housing options that include single- and multi-family homes, waterfront luxury condos, and historic houses, among others. Aside from that, Sleepy Hollow also boasts an excellent collection of restaurants, shops, and stores that are easily accessible.