The first beers to arrive to Mexico in the 19th century were mostly Vienna lagers, alt ales, and bocks. After many years of market control by 2 large breweries, Cerveceria Primus started making beer in 2009 and became one of the first craft breweries in Mexico. After winning many awards, master brewer, Rodolfo Andreu, decided to make a Einbeck-style beer featuring German malts and hops that had its roots in Mexico since the early 1900’s and… Jabalí was born! Brewing with local deep well water, Cerveceria Primus has created a beer that is truly unique to Mexico.

Category Craft Beer & Cider Case Quantity 24 Type Mexican Craft Lager Format 11oz Production San Juan del Río, Mexico Refrigeration No Material Glass Shelf Life 12 Months

OFFERING Jabalí Helles Bock, Jabalí Bock