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We make the world’s most refreshing leisure soda from amaro bitters & sparkling water so you can drink when you’re not drinking. We noticed it’s kind of a chore finding something fun to drink when you’re not drinking, whether you’re just sitting out a round or keeping totally sober. So we decided to remix flavored seltzer into a refreshing amaro bitters & soda cocktails, with a squeeze of lemon, a dash of simple, and bitters inspired by popular Italian amaro drinks from the Negroni to the spritz, and the mountains to the coasts. The result is a line of botanical soft drinks that are balanced, easy drinking, and extra dry. These are alcohol alternatives that are here for you anytime — whether you’re throwing a dinner party, looking for a non-alcoholic shift drink, or just trying to relax.

Category: Category case quantity 24 type Sparkling Amaro Dry Soda format 12oz production USA, Italy refrigeration No material Glass shelf life 12 Months
OFFERING Variety Mixed Case; ALTA - Negroni-style Aperitivo, CAPO - Easy Alpine Soda, ONDA - Dry Herbal Lemonade, SERA - Fruit Tart Cinnamon Sprintz
case cost $48.00 unit msrp $2.99

*Initial purchase promotion available.