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Topo Chico

Topo Chico has been bottled at source in Monterrey, Mexico since 1895. Topo is refreshing and versatile satisfying your thirst or serving as a perfect cocktail mixer. Featuring exquisite effervescence through round, large bubbles, Topo Chico remains bubbly for long after it’s opened. The bluish tint in the glass and the unique throwback shape are aesthetically pleasing and features well in accounts ranging from fast casual restaurants to high-end hotels.

Category: Category case quantity 12 / 24 type Sparkling Mineral format 6.5oz / 12oz / 25oz production Monterrey, Mexico refrigeration No material Glass shelf life 12 months
OFFERING Pure (Unflavored), Grapefruit, Lime
case cost Email for Pricing unit msrp N/A

*Initial purchase promotion available.